Holden Richards is a native North Carolinian currently residing in Hillsborough. His photography is inspired by walking the landscapes and byways of Orange, Durham and Alamance Counties. These locations and their subjects predominate his photographic work. The images and prints are created using vintage medium and large format film cameras and printing and developing in the traditional wet darkroom.

Holden is a current Getty Images Contributor who has had is work featured print including Paris edition of Plateform Magazine and The Oxford American as well as appearing in corporate advertising campaigns through Getty. His work has been recognized and included in shows juried by curators from SECCA and the Mint Museum of Art among others. He was recently selected 10th Biennial of the Photographic Image Exhibit of East Carolina University in 2017.

Lately using only large format 8x10 cameras, one older than 100 years old, using film for my exposures and contact printing the results in the traditional wet darkroom.

Recent Activity